Site Inspection 101: Master Your Greatest Sales Opportunity (pt. 2)

Last week we offered some advice and tips [see Site Inspection 101 (pt. 1)] for capitalizing on your site inspection, which is truly your best sales opportunity. The additional tips below will help you follow through in pulling off a flawless site inspection.

  1. Don’t act like they’ve already chosen you. If you get a site inspection, you should win the business. But you haven’t yet done so; don’t act like the business is yours. Put on your best presentation and continue to impress the customer.
  2. Don’t be married to your ideas. Let customers know they cannot offend you. Remind them you are an expert, and though you believe in your recommendations, you value customer input above all else. Ensure them you are flexible and want to provide them with the perfect event.
  3. Listen, ask questions, be flexible, and listen more. Don’t forget to stop talking and listen. Make customers acutely aware that you are always listening and putting their needs first.
  4. Be an expert. Don’t overwhelm customers with too many options; show them the best ones that will fulfill their needs. If there are three outstanding venue options, show those three. Taking customers on an endless tour through mediocre venues and options will only befuddle and exhaust them while making their choices far more difficult.
  5. Provide food and drinks. You can never offer too much food and water. Have it available when clients need and want it. Give them options to eat and drink now or eat and drink later. Well-fed customers are happy customers, and happy customers will like you better.
  6. Establish common ground. People want to work with people they like. Find some common ground and build a relationship. Whether it’s dogs, skiing, favorite foods, gardening, or boats, find a commonality and build rapport. If they like you, you are far more likely to be awarded their business.
  7. Anticipate. Always be one step ahead. Anticipate what customers will be asking for next, like revisions to proposals and costings, and have it ready for them in a timely manner.
  8. Follow–up. Be sure to stand out from your competition by setting aside some time for thorough follow-up conversations.
  9. Ask for the business. This is almost always overlooked. Let customers know how much you value their business, and assure them you will exceed their expectations. If you have done your job leading up to this point, it will be easier than you think.
  10. Thank you. Hand written thank you cards are a great way to show appreciation in this fast paced electronic world. Don’t overlook this simple way of communicating your gratitude.

We hope incorporating these suggestions into your next site inspection proves valuable. Also, please feel free to contribute your additional site inspection tips via the comments section below.

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