Technology is coming, but don’t fear. It’s here to help.

tech revolutionIf you go looking for projections about where the meetings industry is headed, there are lots of opinions floating around. But one constant you’ll find across the board is the increased role technology is going to play in all facets of the business.

This trend is being rapidly accelerated by the increased flow of younger people into the workplace. These newer members to the workforce are not only extremely adept at working with technology, but they also expect it as a constant in their lives and an essential part of most viable business practices. This is potential boon to companies who embrace technological trends because it will help spur innovation and creativity from within.

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7 More Predictions About the Future of Meetings

The key to a successful meeting in the future also involves knowing “what makes Millennials tick,” says Freeman XP’s Cavanaugh. By 2020, Millennials, those born in the 1980s and early 2000s, will number 80 million and dominate the workforce, he explains. “They want to be engaged but they can also be somewhat elusive. It’s a very forward generation, and they are tech-dependent. They depend on technology like it’s the center of their lives so the experiences that we create have to incorporate it, and have two-way dialogues.”

It won’t do any good to delay the introduction of technology into your daily workflow. Adopting a progressive mindset and utilizing the available tools will increase efficiency, control costs and help attract the talented and motivated prospects who will provide the healthy foundation for your business in the future.

At VIP Event Resources, we are early adopters; we started by building the internal technology tools that we needed to streamline our business, while simultaneously leveraging existing technologies. We live in a world where our clients expect technology to play a role in the sales process, the on-boarding process, the customer support process, the training process, etc. Of course clients still expect a “human touch” as well, but we can enhance that in many cases through technology. Your clients are no different.

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