Analytics: More powerful than you’d dare believe

analyticsAnalytics may not sound like an overly stimulating concept. Truthfully, it probably makes you cringe with thoughts of boredom associated with poring over stacks of Excel files while meticulously analyzing and interpreting data.

Good news folks, there are now machines that do the vast majority of the analyzing for you. Computers are capable of collecting and organizing avalanches of data in just seconds that used to take years of observation, survey and polling to acquire.

“Who cares?” you may be thinking. Well, you should care; data is worth more than its weight in gold these days. It goes well beyond business clichés and buzzwords, because analytics give you a real-time look into what effect your communications, products, people, business practices, etc. are having on customers. Essentially, the right analytics tools mean you won’t be left wondering which part of your budget or which hours of your day are effective and which ones are a being wasted.

You’ve probably heard about analytics being used on the Internet. Website operators can see which web pages people are looking at, how many times people click certain links, how long people spend on each page and how they behave at the terminus of their time on the site, i.e., did they follow up and purchase a product/service or not? If you haven’t already, you should implement Google Analytics on your own company website(s). It’s a robust analytics tool, that’s free and easy to set up.

There’s an old adage among marketing folks: “I know I’m wasting half my advertising budget. I just don’t know which half.” Imagine the power of that type of transparency in your business. What if you had the ability to actually see how each page of your proposals, advertising materials and e-mails influenced clients and potential clients alike? Stop speculating during droning office meetings because that ability is already here.

Viper possesses superior analytics functionality to enhance your workflow by highlighting the things that work and identifying where improvements need to be made. You’ll receive email notifications when clients view proposals and you can see what sections of the proposal they’ve looked at most. If you have questions about how effective things are at your business — and you likely do — it’s worth giving Viper analytics a look.

Don’t worry. Analytics isn’t merely the realm of geeky guys with thick glasses and suspect personal hygiene anymore. Healthcare companies are saving lives, professional sports teams are winning championships and vehicles are reacting on the road before we even realize we’re asleep behind the wheel, thanks largely to using analytics. If analytics is a modern day essential in all those scenarios, it’s probably useful enough for you too.

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