Technology Rising: Don’t wait, you’ll be too late

cutting edgeIt’s an interesting time in the DMC industry. Some people are lamenting the influx of resources that threaten to encroach on the DMC business, but we’re finding opportunity to do things differently, and do things better. It’s time to leverage technology to your advantage now — like right now.

This isn’t a passing fad; the technological tide is coming in, and it’s not unique to the DMC world. The tech industry is exploding: employment numbers are nearing all time highs, wages are increasing, and companies are growing and spending more money. The technology industry is one of the biggest contributors to business travel spending, so DMCs would be wise to position themselves to cater to these increasingly influential companies. The young, prominent talent in the tech world isn’t going to be impressed with the printed PDFs, static images, and email chains associated with traditional proposal delivery methods.

Millennials will become the dominant demographic in the workforce in the coming years, and they are already showing their influence in the technology segment. Marketing your destination and services to these companies is only going to work with the modern tools that are so prevalent in nearly every facet of peoples’ lives. “For the Millennial, digital is in their DNA… ‘Over the next five years, businesses will witness an unprecedented generational shift in the workplace.’ This will have an almost unfathomable impact on not just how the company operates, but also its operating philosophy and overall culture. If businesses don’t take a proactive approach to defining this over the next several years, it will be defined organically. And, it might not evolve according to a favorable vision and purpose.” (Brian Solis, August 2013)

Millennials Rising

Credit: Brian Solis

Every day you wait to adopt modern solutions to emergent challenges is a day the competition is getting a leg up on your business. The early adopters are already reaping rewards, so don’t get caught being late to the party. Advantageously, the fourth quarter of the year is the most convenient time to add technology solutions to your workflow since it traditionally comes with the most down time.

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