Welcome to Vendor Management for DMCs

At VIPER, we’re always on the cutting edge to deliver the innovative tools DMCs need most. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce new functionality enabling Vendor Management for DMCs. These new features deliver massive time savings when it comes to juggling your vendors and hotels.

Vendor management is being introduced in two parts. Version 1 is available today, and Version 2 is slated for release in Q1 of 2015.

Vendor Management Business Goals

  • Set vendor specific pricing for each product in your Content Library.
  • Manage products by vendor.
  • Manage specific vendors for a given program.
  • Manage specific vendor pricing for each product in a costing. Support multiple vendors for a single product.
  • Manage holds, confirmations, and invoices for each vendor for a given program.
  • Quickly see when there is a variance between what you have priced to a client and what you have confirmed with vendors through the life of a program.
  • View analytics related to vendor margins and availability for a given program.
  • Track the reliability, margins, and transaction history of vendors through the life of the DMC-Vendor relationship.

Version 1 Features

Link Your Vendors to Products

Within your Content Library, you can now set vendor specific pricing for each product. This allows you to track which vendors you use for each product AND pull your priority vendor pricing into the Costing.


Set Vendor Priority

After adding 1 or more vendors to a product, you can set your vendor priority based on which vendors you prefer to work with. The vendor priority determines which pricing schedule is pulled into the costing when you add the product to a costing or proposal.


Vendor Management in the Costing

For each product (a single line item in your VIPER Costing), the default pricing will be determined by the preferred vendor pricing in the Content Library. For each product, you can source one or more vendors and set the pricing for each vendor. This gives you complete control to set quantities, cost, price, etc. for each vendor.


For each product, the list of available vendors is driven by the vendors you have linked to the product in the content library. VIPER will calculate the “blended” pricing for each product based on the pricing set for a product’s vendors so a single line item can be shown to your client in the costing.

Version 2 Features

Vendor Profiles

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View vendor profiles to see all products for a given vendor and the vendor’s priority for each product. You can also see the pricing history for each program in which the vendor was used.

Vendor Management in a Program

This functionality allows you to manage your vendors on a per program basis. You can see a list of all the vendors you have for a given program, including contact information, addresses, websites, etc. You can also sort all products in a program’s costing by vendor or product classification. Finally, as you place vendor holds and confirmations, you’ll be able to quickly see the variances between your client costing pricing/quantities and your confirmed vendor pricing/quantities.

Take Control

This is the functionality DMCs have been waiting for. Take control of vendor management. Reduce errors, save time, improve transparency and manage all your vendors from one place with VIPER.

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