See What’s New for May, 2014

proposalWe’ve been busy spinning up new features that make Viper work harder for you. The newest batch of functionality sees enhanced content library management, streamlined content creation, and intuitive business management.

Enhanced Content Library Management

Content Library Reports:

CL Reports

Content Library Reports provide users with a great way to keep content fresh and up to date. Reports give a list of which articles need descriptions and which products and packages need a pricing or description added. History boxes on all items show when items were created and when they were last updated. If an article hasn’t been reviewed in 6 months, the history box will indicate it is in need of review. It’s easier than ever to keep your content current and looking good.

Move Folders in Content Library:

move to

New functionality makes moving folders in your content library a snap. When users view items in the content library, an icon now appears when hovering over a folder that lets you move the folder anywhere in the content library you choose.

New Destinations Picker when creating products and packages:  We’ve simplified adding destinations when you create products and packages. Now when you create a new product or package, you can choose the appropriate destinations or select all destinations from the same popup when first creating and naming the item. This feature will save you clicks and aid in organization.

Streamlined Content Creation

Streamlined Article Interface:

streamlined interface

The user interface when creating articles has been improved and enhanced to create a more uniform look for users. Improving the little things makes a big difference when it comes to working efficiently.

Content Library Snippets: With content library snippets, users can now add existing articles into new articles. This allows you to take templated content from your content library and quickly copy it into new articles while still allowing you to add new pieces. It’s just another way Viper helps you work more efficiently and create more customized content for clients.

Download Link in Photo Gallery: We’ve added a download link right into the photo gallery. Now with the click of a single button, users can download images internally and clients can download the ones they like right to their computers to share with colleagues.

Default Margins for Products: Now when creating products, a default margin set in the admin site will load into your product pricing automatically. This makes managing different margins far simpler.

Intuitive Business Management

Calendar View:

calendar view

Viper’s new calendar view makes it easier than ever to manage your business. When viewing the all programs tab in calendar view, users have an intuitive, visual look at all of their upcoming programs with just a single glance. Users can see exactly where there are holes to fill and where resources and staff are needed. Plus, each program changes in color from black to bright green as the probability of a program changes, so you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention.

1 Step Program Wizard

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The 7 Step Wizard for creating new programs has been replaced with a 1 Step Wizard. This allows you to quickly create new programs and get working on your proposal faster than ever.

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