Don’t react to trends. Set them.

proposalWhat did you envision your DMC would look like five years ago? What does it look like today? Chances are things have undergone some significant changes — both on the exterior and under the hood — that have significantly altered the way your DMC looks and operates, and it’s likely there are some solutions you wish you’d adopted a lot faster.

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Success as a DMC is much more likely for those who set trends than those who react and play catch up. It’s a simple concept: Be the one taking a bigger market share, not the one trying to win back what you’ve already lost. In today’s modern marketplace, you have to be faster than previously thought possible while enhancing, rather than sacrificing, quality.

If that sounds daunting, it’s time to shift your thinking. It’s not an obstacle in your path; it’s an opportunity to do something great. Take advantage of all the tools that are available, and make the time to redefine the way you work. Being proactive about advancing your business is the path of least resistance. If you wait to find solutions until after you are struggling, you’re just going to end up grasping at stopgaps to stem the losses. Long story short: Search for solutions to fill opportunities, not deficits.

Think of all the things you can’t live without today that you didn’t used to have access to. The earlier you adopted those solutions, the easier it was to integrate them into you life and take advantage of them.

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