How much is efficiency worth to your hotel?

Redefine what efficiency means to your hotel.

Redefine what efficiency means to your hotel.

How does your hotel measure efficiency and success? Whether it’s in your annual sales, your operating costs, or your growth, you’re probably looking to improve on those metrics. One thing there’s never enough of is time, so what you get out of each available minute is extremely important. Is your hotel doing everything it can to work more efficiently and accomplish more? The solutions you need are already here, and they’re closer than you think.

Now that we’ve got you thinking, let’s quantify a few ways that boosting efficiency affects your bottom line. For the sake of this this discussion, we’ll just look at hotel group sales, and show what a modest efficiency boost in this segment looks like. Using a really round number, let’s assume a hotel does $1,000,000 gross in group sales (excluding ancillary spending) per year. Boost those group sales by a conservative figure of 5% a year — using modern sales tools that increase engagement and boost close ratios — and the hotel has $50,000 in “found” profits at its disposal. Imagine what that $50,000 could become if put to use the right way.

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Now account for efficiency in a payroll analysis. Assume a sales team of 3 people, each making $65,000 are responsible for creating those sales. If you could make each of those employees just 5% more efficient — using the same tools mentioned earlier — they can make the same number of sales at a savings of $3,250 per employee, for a total of $9,750.

Shooting for 5% gains doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but finding your hotel with $59,750 in found profits probably sounds pretty good. Now you’re probably asking “What’s my ROI going to look like?” and “How do we get there?” That $59,750 comes from an investment of only $2,800. That’s just 20 extra rooms at a group ADR of $150 without even accounting for all the additional benefits such as ancillary spending increases.

Getting there only involves making a decision to change your workflow that ultimately makes your work easier and faster. We want to change the way a hotel does business. We know hotels can close more business with less time and effort.

Hooklu specializes in delivering profitable solutions for hotels that deliver results. Our electronic proposal platform lets you deliver engaging, media-rich content in minutes, not hours. Immersive, interactive HD videos and photo galleries greatly increase engagement with potential clients. When you combine that with advanced analytics, you’ll see a huge boost to the rate at which you close business.

If you’re interested to see how radically increasing your hotel’s efficiency can alter your bottom line, it’s time to give Hooklu a look.

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