You can’t compete today with yesterday’s technology

payphoneResisting modernization is a dangerous tactic for any company. Sure, there’s a beautiful nostalgia that accompanies seeing the sculpted hood ornament on a classic car or hearing the crackle of an old vinyl record, but you don’t win business on the back of fond vintage memories. No matter how attached you are to the way you do things, there’s a faster, more efficient solution out there. Businesses that don’t get on board will find themselves in the same camp as the drivers of those classic cars: getting left in the dust.

How did the tools you have 10 years ago compare to what you have at your disposal today? Without a doubt you’ve adopted at least some of the innovative tools that have come to market; you’re probably not sending a 50 page printed proposal in a huge manila envelope anymore, and it’s quite possible you’re reading this on a smartphone. The time to get up to speed is today, because the industry is already heading down the road of innovation, technology and modernization.

Nowhere is the technological leap more apparent than in the realm of advanced business intelligence. Analytics tools are the driving force behind data-driven decision making and business strategy. Acting with real-time insight into how people are behaving and how businesses and strategies are working is exponentially more effective than doing so without data-backed evidence. Business is not the place you want to be playing guessing games.

Once you’ve experienced the power of analytics, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. VIPER’s analytics tools give DMCs the keys to a faster, more effective way of doing business. Instantaneous notifications and real-time proposal analytics tools are the window into exactly how clients are interacting with your DMC. Know what your clients are looking at. Know what’s important to them. Leverage that business intelligence to your advantage and act with confidence.

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The business intelligence and insight you've been waiting for is here.

The business intelligence and insight you’ve been waiting for is here.

Take the leap and embrace the opportunities of modernization. Join the movement today. Take a look at our website, and contact us to learn more about how analytics can take your DMC to the next level.




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