How does your hotel deal with the flood of e-RFPs?


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It’s hard to believe hotels face a problem with receiving too many leads, but it’s a real issue. Thanks to the recent rise of electronic RFPs, planners can send a request for proposal to any number of hotels in different locations around the world. This has led to a huge rise in the number of RFPs hotels receive each year, and they’re forced to respond to this influx without additional resources. Fortunately, there are solutions available that make it possible to capitalize on the deluge of leads while ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. New insight — thanks to some recent research — points to people on both ends of the RFP exchange being negatively impacted by the large number of RFPs. In addition to simply receiving too many RFPs to effectively respond to, hotels are receiving a lot of incomplete RFPs that are difficult to appropriately address. Planners, meanwhile, aren’t happy with how long it takes for hotels to respond or with the quality of proposals they typically receive on short notice.

Thankfully there’s good news. Technology has presented us with solutions to not only meet, but in fact exceed modern needs. At Hooklu, we’ve devoted ourselves to designing tools that put hotels at a serious competitive advantage in the bidding process. Electronic proposal delivery tools allow salespeople to build and deliver high-quality, media-rich proposals in just minutes. Templated content and product offerings mean you can respond to even partial RFPs efficiently and accurately.

Dynamic content redefines client engagement

Dynamic content redefines client engagement

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