Provider Management for DMCs is Here!

Rejoice, DMCs, for automated Provider Management is here! VIPER’s new Provider Functionality gives users extensive control when managing providers for programs. With these new tools you can now manage all your providers on a per-program basis. See a list of all providers for a given program, including contact information, addresses, websites, etc. Link all your providers — including vendors and hotels — directly to any line item in a program’s costing. Track provider statuses; as you place provider holds and confirmations, you’ll be able to quickly see the variances between your client costing pricing/quantities and your confirmed provider pricing/quantities. Manage pricing and margins for every provider in a program.

Provider Management in a Program

VIPER’s new Providers Tab gives users the tools to manage a program’s providers like never before, right from within VIPER. This functionality allows you to manage your providers on a per program basis.

  • Easily link providers (hotels and vendors) to any line item in a costing (program budget).
  • View and manage pricing and margins for all providers in a program.
  • Track the status of each provider based on color-coded statuses.
  • Filter costing line items based on Provider Status, Event, or Product Classification.
  • For each costing line item, see quantity shortages at a quick glance so you know which products still need providers.
VIPER's Providers Tab lets you manage all providers (vendors and hotels) right within the system's program management tools.

VIPER’s Providers Tab lets you manage all providers (vendors and hotels) right within the system’s program management tools.

Provider Management for programs compliments VIPER’s existing provider management functionality, enabling large-scale control from end to end.

Link Your Providers to Products

Within your Content Library, you can now set provider specific pricing for each product. This allows you to track which providers you use for each product AND pull your priority provider pricing into the Costing.

Link Providers to Products in the Content Library

Link Providers to Products in the Content Library

 Set Provier Priority

After adding 1 or more providers to a product, you can set your provider priority based on which providers you prefer to work with. The provider priority determines which pricing schedule is pulled into the costing when you add the product to a costing or proposal.


Provider Management in the Costing

For each product (a single line item in your VIPER Costing), the default pricing will be determined by the preferred provider pricing in the Content Library. For each product, you can source one or more providers and set the pricing for each provider. This gives you complete control to set quantities, cost, price, etc. for each provider.

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For each product, the list of available providers is driven by the provider you have linked to the product in the content library. VIPER will calculate the “blended” pricing for each product based on the pricing set for a product’s providers so a single line item can be shown to your client in the costing.

Is your DMC ready to take control and manage providers with efficiency and accuracy like never before? Give us a call, and find out what VIPER’s new Provider Tools can do for your DMC today.

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